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Coming Soon…

We here at NotMakingThisUp will soon conclude our latest journey to Omaha (i.e. the no-longer-quite-so-recent Berkshire special stock-split meeting). With the forthcoming and concluding chapter we will also initiate the shift of our Buffett and Berkshire-watching to a new blog, “Pilgrimage to Omaha,” at

Longstanding readers who prefer less Buffett and more of Wall Street’s Finest should prefer the change, while Buffettologists should find the “Pilgrimage to Omaha” content more to their interests. In the meantime, your editor is looking forward to resuming commentary in these virtual pages on Wall Street’s Finest and anything else that strikes our fancy, for there is much striking our fancy these days. Like, for example, United Technologies and other American companies announcing share repurchase programs with their stocks back up to almost-all-time record highs. Did we learn exactly nothing in 2008? JM

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