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Fasteners from Wal-Mart, and The Quote of the Week

I have to admit to not being surprised when Boeing pushed back the first flight of its much-vaunted “Dreamliner” (actually just the brand name for Boeing’s new 787) this week.

After all, Wall Street’s Finest and the business press have been predicting just such a slippage in the timetable as far back as July 8th, when the carbon-and-titanium beast was presented to the world outside a hanger in Seattle, all brand-spanking sleek and space-age new.

But more than that, it was the sarcastic aside from one of Boeing’s suppliers at an investment conference a couple of weeks ago that tipped me off.

The supplier, when asked about the potential impact of a Boeing rumored push-back on his business, shrugged and noted that the model presented to the world on that sunny day was so incomplete it had been put together, in places, with “fasteners from Wal-Mart.”

No, I am not making that quote up.

Nor am I making up this one—which ought to go down as the Quote of the Week, if not the Year—from a Boeing executive on this week’s conference call to explain the Dreamliner delay:

“As we’ve experienced in the last couple of months, we are not experiencing things we didn’t think we would experience. We’re just experiencing slower resolution of what we thought we would find…” Why, the man should run for President!

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