• Jeff Matthews

iPod eNnvy

You know a fad is getting out of hand when everybody tries to replicate it. And you know this iPod thing is really getting out of hand when a food company tries to compare itself to Apple.

This really happened.

Irwin Simon, the hard-selling CEO of Hain Celestial Group, which owns a slew of natural foods brands ranging from Walnut Acre salsa to Celestial Seasoning teas, recently told Wall Street on a conference call: “We really have–which I call the next iPod of products coming out.” (I’m not making this up.) “That’s been my challenge…what’s the next iPod for Hain?”

Funny thing is, Hain is finally unwinding the remnants of the ‘carb’ craze products they introduced last year, right as that fad was peaking. So for Apple’s sake, let’s hope Hain doesn’t introduce a music player any time soon.



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