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Memo to Jeff Immelt: When is an Apple Store NOT an Apple Store? When It’s in China…

We kick off the return to non-Berkshire Hathaway topics here at NotMakingThisUp in the simplest way possible: by referring readers to a different blog. That different blog, which was brought to our attention by John Hempton, the ace proprietor of yet another blog, the Bronte Capital blog (which happens to be one of the best in the world), needs no introduction, no commentary, no elucidation from us..but after you are finished reading it, you might want to just think for a bit about what it means: And if you are Jeff Immelt, who is prepared to put half the vaunted GE jet engine business into a joint venture with the Chinese–the same crowd that thinks nothing of copying Apple Stores down to the shirts and name tags worn by the staffers–you should really think very very hard for a long time about what it means. What it means, we think, is you are putting your company’s future at risk. Jeff Matthews I Am Not Making This Up

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