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My Plan for the Freedom Tower

Who Might Fill Freedom Tower? Thus asks today’s Wall Street Journal, in an article describing the obvious reluctance of mortal human beings to work where lightening has already struck, to deadly result:

Private businesses scoffed at locating in a tall, high-profile building on the site of two terrorist attacks. New York City’s government and the building’s owner, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, say they won’t take space in Freedom Tower, opting instead for less-visible buildings on the Ground Zero site. To fill the offices, plans include forcing government employees to put themselves in harm’s way for what would surely be the most tempting terrorist target in the world. It doesn’t look easy:

“It’s frightening,” a Customs border-protection worker said in an interview yesterday. The worker, employed by the agency at the former trade-center site, refused to give her name for fear of retribution from supervisors. “When I heard about the Freedom Tower, I just stood still, I couldn’t feel,” she said. “They’re going to have to take me like this” — she motioned with both arms — “and move me.” I have a suggestion that would make the building safe for all and require no coercing of private employees or U.S. government workers to sit in fear of their lives in return for a paycheck.

My suggestion is this: put the United Nations in the top fifty floors of the “Freedom Tower.” That would render the entire Freedom Tower impervious to attack. Not to mention resolving the mid-town parking crisis.

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