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Paradise Found: A Public Service Announcement

Earlier this month, in “Monkeys Over America,” I noted the emergence of a Sheffield, England band called the Arctic Monkeys, and described how their music—urgent, fast and funny—took over our household in a matter of hours.

I saw the Monkeys last night at the Paradise Lounge, on Comm Ave in the heart of Boston University, and I will say right now they are better than the hype.

Without giving too much away here (that’s for a later post) I’ll just say it was the best show I’ve seen since—okay, I’m dating myself here—Bob Marley at the Orpheum Theatre, also in Boston, in 1978.

Since they caught fire in England last year, The Monkeys do not play many clubs like the Paradise. Early in the set the lead singer/songwriter, Alex Turner, touched some hands reaching out to him and said “It’s nice bein’ so close. We haven’t played like this for a while.”

And for good reason: they blew the grime-encrusted roof off the Paradise. Halfway through the second song I said to my 17 year old, “pay attention: you’ll never see them this close again.”

She smiled sadly and shouted back, “I know.”

The Monkeys play Webster Hall in New York City tomorrow night and the Crocodile Café in Seattle next Wednesday.

If you live near either city, and if you like music and if you want to see this generation’s version of The Beatles playing the Cavern Club, go get yourself tickets from whatever scalper you have to. Lift the offer—just get the tickets.

You’ll thank me.

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