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Quotes You Don’t Want to See at a Time Like This

Those of you looking for solace in today’s Wall Street Journal—some sign that the current melt-down in the sub-prime mortgage-backed fiction of a debt market is near an end—may want to skip the C-Section of the Journal, go straight to the “Weekend Journal” and look at all those nice houses in Vail seeking a buyer.

More specifically, readers should avoid the following quote on the front page of the C-Section from one Ann Rutledge, who is identified by the paper as the principal of a structured finance consulting firm.

Here’s what she said:

“No one really knows how to price asset-backed securities and CDOs and that’s a real problem in the market now.”

You think?

Me, I made the mistake of reading Ms. Rutledge’s quote. So now I’m looking at all those nice houses in Vail in the “Weekend Journal.”

Is it my imagination, or are a lot more of ‘em for sale than last week?

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