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Read All About It: Berkshire Hathaway Net Worth Down 9.6% in 2008

Warren Buffett’s letter to shareholders is out, and it’s official: Berkshire Hathaway’s net worth declined nearly 10% last year.

That makes 2008 Warren Buffett’s second down year—and Berkshire’s worst—since he began investing other people’s money in 1956.

Our guesstimate, which we published in these virtual pages on January 22 (see “Warren’s Worst Year”) to some criticism for jumping the gun on the “Oracle of Omaha”, was down 8%.

More interesting than the precise number, of course, is Buffett’s own commentary on the year past, and what might happen in the year ahead.

We’ll have our own take on the letter in these virtual pages soon, by way of introducing a competition of sorts which should interest our readers—whether you idolize Warren Buffett, or loathe him, or merely want to understand Berkshire Hathaway better.

Details, as they say, at eleven.

Jeff Matthews I Am Not Making This Up © 2008 NotMakingThisUp, LLC

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