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Riding the Shark

The scene is a coffee shop in coastal Rhode Island, not too far from the University of Rhode Island. The characters are two men: one, a pot-bellied, middle-aged, academic-looking man with reading glasses perched atop his head and a kind of retro, John Quincy Adams hair style—complete with mutton chop sideburns; the other is a young man in shorts, t-shirt and baseball cap, who uses the word “Dude” incessantly.

The actual unedited dialogue:

John Quincy: You watch Cramer? Dude: No. John Quincy: He’s on at night, on television. Stock market show. Dude: What’s he saying? John Quincy: Genentech. He thinks Genentech is for everyone. Dude: Dude, you believe it? John Quincy: Sure. Cramer was a hedge fund manager… Dude: Hunh. John Quincy: That’s like riding on top of a shark and surviving. He knows how they do it. Dude (Nodding): Dude. John Quincy: He’s very funny. He’s a nut. He’s VERY good. *** Understanding fully that this post may become Exhibit A in whatever new Conspiracy Theory is being constructed by Patrick Byrne to attract attention away from his company’s poor financial performance, that last line sums up “Jim Cramer’s Mad Money” precisely, for me.

Jeff Matthews I Am Not Making This Up

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