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RIMM versus PALM

So what is it—Blackberry or Treo?

That’s the question before the house, and I am looking for informed commentary, which is to say you actually own and use one or the other wireless device, and are willing to share what you like about it, what you don’t like, and whether you plan to switch from one to the other (or to a third).

Blackberry dominates the Wall Street world, but I have found the Treo in heavy use in all kinds of places I hadn’t expected to—radiology conventions, for one.

I am not a fan of PALM—I think management is, well, let’s just say that while they’re not as out-there as the Overstock crew, they don’t inspire confidence. But if the product works at its basic mission, which is delivering email to busy people around the country, then perhaps the company is worth a harder look.

The biggest complaint I hear about the Treo is the phone being clunky to use. With Blackberry I get some complaints about the phone and other complaints about back-office issues.

So let me know, if you will, the following:

1. How did you get your device—is it company supplied? 2. What do you use it for—email, phone, calendar, contacts? 3. What do you like best about it? What do you dislike about it? 4. Are you/your company staying with it or planning to switch? We’ve done this before—audience participation—and it worked pretty well in sorting out the satellite radio companies (Sirius versus XM).

The more feedback, the better for everyone.

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