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The Least Helpful Research Call You Will See Today

While nearly every business day brings at least one unhelpful research “call”—an analyst upgrading or downgrading a stock long after the news behind the call has already been reflected in the stock price, much the way Wall Street economists have begun to fret over weak housing sales, weak retail sales, and weak employment trends long after all three became obvious to anybody with a pair of eyes and a subscription to the Wall Street Journal—some days one call stands out particularly starkly even in a bleak landscape.

Today that call must belong to the Merrill Lynch analyst who has chosen to downgrade Northern Rock, the U.K. version of Bailey’s Building & Loan—that is, a bank suffering an actual run on deposits, and whose problems were front-page news last week—from a “Buy” to a “Neutral.” The price on the report? Down two-thirds from its 52-week high. Nobody can make this up.

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