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The Most Depressing Graphic You’ll See All Year

We get a lot of heat here at NotMakingThisUp when we turn the subject to global warming, which is real and is caused by human beings.

(Ask any gardener what’s happened to the USDA ‘hardiness’ zones since the last official update: they’re moving north.)

But words don’t do the subject justice, because anybody can find a statistic that supports their position. In fact, I have one friend—and he is a friend—who rebuts the human-caused global warming case by citing data showing that temperatures on Mars are going up…ergo, Earth’s warming is not man-induced.

The linkage escapes me, but it provides him comfort.

So instead of words, we’re providing a link to today’s online New York Times, which shows about the most depressing graphic you’ll see all year:

http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2007/10/01/science/20071002_ARCTIC_GRAPHIC.html## Note to conspiracy theorists: I’m not making it up, so if you think the Times is, complain to them!

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