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They Never Get It

“The question is whether anybody will want to watch videos on a small screen like that.”

Flicking back and forth between the two baseball games last night I chanced upon a news clip of Steve Jobs, pacing a large stage and holding aloft the new video iPod for the adoring Apple fanatics, while a 55 year-old newscaster solemnly reported on some facts and figures regarding yesterday’s stock market reaction to Apple’s earnings report. Then the solemn 55 year-old newscaster pronounced, quite rhetorically, his question of whether anybody will want to watch videos on a small screen like that. It cracked me up, having just come from the café of our local Borders, where, in the course of doing some work on my wireless, I had observed a pair of students hunched over a “small screen like that”—in this case, a cell phone—playing some kind of game for an hour while their books (this particular Borders is a mile from the nearest university) sat opened and unused on the table.

And that, oh solemn 55 year-old newscaster, is why anybody will want to watch videos on a small screen like that.

Jeff Matthews I Am Not Making This Up

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