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Time to Eliminate Asphalt From the Price Index

So gasoline prices are back to $3.00 a gallon all around the country, and without a hurricane or a ruptured pipeline to blame. From Florida to the Carolinas to California to Rhode Island, the Great American Consumer is paying three bucks-plus for not-even-premium unleaded gasoline—and we’re still not in the summer peak driving season yet. But it’s not just what you’re putting in your car that’s going up, as consumers already know: it’s the price of the car and the price of the car’s own tires…and now it’s the asphalt underneath those tires, too.

This is a price list of performance-grade asphalt, Free-On-Board at New Haven, Connecticut:

Price/Ton 4/24/2006 $305.00 4/17/2006 $302.50 4/10/2006 $297.50 4/3/2006 $280.00 3/28/2006 $280.00 3/20/2006 $280.00 3/13/2006 $250.00 3/6/2006 $250.00

By my rudimentary calculations, that’s a 20% increase in the last two months. I suppose it’s time to eliminate asphalt from the adjusted inflation statistic: “Ex-Food, Energy, Tires, Houses, Insurance, Rent, Healthcare, Google Ad-Words, United Healthcare CEOs, and Asphalt.”

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