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Zander Out: “Mom, Who’s That Guy in Our Living Room?”

The funniest headline you will read today is on Bloomberg, under Motorola, and, yes, it concerns the sudden departure of Ed Zander as CEO.

The headline is this:

“Motorola’s Zander ‘Anxious to Spend Time With Family’”

Puh-leeze! A hyper-aggressive marketing guy who’s been running pedal-to-the-metal at five different technology companies since 1973 (Data General, Apollo, Sunsoft, Sun Micro and Motorola) is voluntarily leaving the company he nearly brought to its knees while RIMM and Apple stole its soul, in order to kick back and watch Jon Stewart with his kids? I mean, do they even know what he looks like in daylight?

“Mom, who’s that guy in our living room?” “Oh my God—a home invasion! Grab the cat, Timmy and run—I’ll call the police!”

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